CourierQoe provides distribution service, including document printing from PrintQoe, AXIQoe products, and logistic that have obtained an implementation license from the Service National Post of the Minister of Communication and Information of Republic of Indonesia for the delivery of written communication services and electronic mails, packages and logistics. Examples of distribution services performed by CourierQoe are: delivery of checking account, billing statement, direct mail, meter reading, machine, printed goods package, and taking of Income Tax slip, spare part and consumables.

CourierQoe Division is created to support company's business development and supported by a trusted courier network and reliable electronic shipment monitoring system (tracking system), with a distribution area that covers all over Indonesia and Regular Document Delivery service (City Courier)

Solutions provided by CourierQoe for customers are:

  • One stop courier solution, CourierQoe serves the type of documents and goods shipping thoroughly starting from delivery to customer request handling,
  • Integrated tracking solutionby geolocation tagging which facilitates shipment tracking and delivery status real time monitoring,
  • Courier budget control, CourierQoe provides report to help customers analyzing the shipping performance so that the budget is controlled and more efficient.



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